Question about Vehicles and charcters

I’m totally new to making games, have a dumb question… if I have a character who gets into a vehicle, once they are seated do you switch out the model for a model of the vehicle AND the character after an animation transition, or do they remain two objects somehow constrained in place? Does my question even make sense?
EDIT- just realized I typo’ed my subject line.Sorry.

Hi pipdixel,

I would keep them separate and constrained in place. That way you only have to load two skeletal meshes. Otherwise your vehicle would have to contain all the bones and mesh data for the character. You may want alternate characters to drive the vehicle as well, so allowing the freedom to pop in different characters may be useful.

Thanks ! Makes sense. I’ll have to learn how to turn constraints on and off, but gives me a good direction on the modeling. Really appreciate the knowledge!