Question about using Timeline for ratoation

Hey guys,

So essentially what im doing is trying to make a door move and rotate open as if it’s on a big hinge with blueprint. I have it working as in moving on the x and y axis but am having trouble making it rotate. To move on x and y I used a timeline then got the original position of the actor (the blueprint in this case as I want to use it in a few places) then used vector + vector to add them together and set it’s new location. This works perfectly so far.

However, when I use a vector timeline for rotation is says structvector is not compatible with structrotator. Is there a way to add struct vector and rotator values together or to have timeline use structrotator? Or am I doing this in the totally wrong way?

Here is a screen cap of my blueprint right now. Any help would be amazing.

Thanks so much

All you need from Timeline is a float graph from 0 to 1. Use it as the alpha of a vector Lerp.

Hi Rambo :slight_smile: I did exactly this in my project, I’ll post a few screenshots of how I did it.

Great! thanks so much, going to give this a go tonight :smiley:

That worked near perfectly! Also showed me about flipflop :slight_smile:

1 Little question, Since I have 2 timelines in my blueprint for movement and rotation, how would I get reverse to work properly with both. If I plug it into the movement timeline it only does the movement part, while if I plug it in the rotation part it only does the rotation part. Pic of what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I’m not sure. You could try putting in another flipflop after Set Actor Location? I’m not sure if it’d work though or if it’s the best way to do it.

EDIT: Wait, are you trying to get it to move then rotate? or move and rotate at the same time?

Same time, kind of like it’s on a giant hinge. ill give that a go next time i’m on, unless you have another idea. Thanks again, much appreciated.

Actually I think you just helped me solve it, It should all be on one timeline. Thanks. Don’t know what I was thinking haha.

I tried this out myself, but my door doesn’t animate per se, it just jumps from the start position to the last position. I only have two keyframes in my timeline, I was under the impression it would auto interpolate all the points in between. Is that not the case? Can you post a screen shot of your timeline please?

Oh nevermind, I was trying to build the final rotation a different way with Combine Rotation, which apparently was the wrong way to go about it, it works if I break/add/make the rotation.

Here is a pic of my finished blueprint if you still need it.