Question about top down onclick events

I am creating a Top down RPG with a similar control scheme to games in the vein of the Diablo Franchise, the issue I am running into is when trying to call an onclick event for my hitbox mesh on enemy characters the onclick is only firing about 1/10th of the time. The only thing I could come up with that might be the issue is the mousetoworld discrepency needing to be adjusted for the onclick in order to ensure that anytime the enemy character is clicked in the game it will fire off the damage functions I have set up…The problem however is that the onclicked event node does not have an input for the corrected vector of the mouse to world so I am not sure if this is actually the issue that is causing my onclicked to not consistently fire and if it is the issue where to plug in the corrected vector returns to properly adjust.

This is the blueprint I have in there at the moment without the mouse to world correction, I added that print string immediately after the onclicked for debugging once I realized my enemies health was only going down intermittently. Any one have any ideas or suggestions on what I might have screwed up in here or where/how to implement the mouse to world correction if that is in fact the issue.