QUestion about tiled lanscape and LOD

Hi everyone!

I had (Yet again) another question. I lloked up the documentation, but could not find what I want.

So WOrld composition makes it possible to have bigger maps, but it unloads the tiles when you are far, which looks pretty ugly for an open-world game. Is there any way to have them be always loaded, but simply with reduced detail to save performance? Games like Ark and others for example, you can be anywhere on the map and still see all of the island.

Or am I missing something?

Yes. You are missing level impostors.
They can be generated from the level tab of the engine.

After all of your tiles are set up and have all their actors correctly assigned to them, you generate the replacement tiles.

However note that world composition was hit by an asteroid and disintegrated by an infinity stone bejeweled gauntlet at the same time.

Honestly, I haven’t even bothered looking up what is replacing it anymore.

if they are doing things right on the engine side (so never), then I would expect stuff to just be automated…