Question about textures and normal map

Hi there. I’m trying to find out if it is possible, and if it is how, to combine a normal map from bottom object to the object that is lying on top of previous object. For example, picture a plain that has a parquet floor and on top of that plain its a another plaint that represents some kind of a color. How can that color plain, that is smaller then the floor, get the exact the same normal map that is lying on?
P.S. hope you all understand the problem if not ask questions so I can elaborate :slight_smile:

@OD89 I think you just have to put the normal map from the underlying object into the upper object material, no?

@ClockworkOcean yeh tried that but the parquet spacing and tiling is not matching exactly on the part that the second object is at.

@OD89 Have you tried making the materials world aligned? ( then they have to match… )

@ClockworkOcean nope did not try that, will give it a shot thanks :slight_smile: