Question about stereosopic

I don’t found info about stereoscopic vision, and someone told me UE4 can’t make it, but I remember Batman Arkham Asylum game… this game was developed wiht UE3 and I played it on PS3 with 3d glasses, so think it is possible to create stereoscopic conten with Unreal, it isn’t?

Depends on what exactly you want, you can enable stereoscopic rendering like this:

But that’s going to require that you can set your 3D display to interpret side-by-side images

Hi Darthviper, this is what I want: image for watch with glasses like this: glasses

I have a 3D Tv (Panasonic) with glasses lilke the image, and would like watch my works with it.

If your TV has a setting that supports side-by-side 3D then you can use the method I linked before.

Thank you darthviper, It worked for me. Now I can see my 3D works with active glasses, but some distant objects look as close as some nearby objects … for example: the furthest part of the foliage appears as near as the nearest part…