Question about static lighting and textures?

This is a stupid question but bear with me please. My game is a arcade 2D game however its not a game that uses sprites. I don’t use any Static lightning because it’s not needed at all. The game is only black and white but i am also planning to add the color red or any diffrent colors to one of my 2D static meshes. When I implemented the red texture on my static mesh and added it to my level it’s just black even though the colors red. Actually everything is black mostly because there is no lighting. I don’t want to put lighting in my game because it’s not needed but i want to be able to see different colors. Is there a solution to this. Sorry for the stupid question.

Hello Spookey

Just change your materials, using the color base as emissive color instead. Perhaps you will need to add a “multiply” node and multiply the color to 0.5 or 1 and then hook to the emissive color.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot!