Question about sprites creation for Paper 2D

Hi there.

I’m brand new to this platform and I’m wondering if someone could explain to me the steps involved in getting a series of images into the Paper 2D tool so I can use them for creating games.

I currently have a tool that can chop up an image into e.g. body parts and animate the parts into a series (a sequence) of .png’s that shows the motions / images with the character in different poses so to say. It can also create a single vertical strip of the poses in a .png file.

The tool is called Spriter, and they are working on a Unreal4 exporter these days.

But until then, how can I use the .png sprites in Paper 2D? Can it import a series (sequence) of .png’s into a FlipBook, so it can be used in animation?

This tutorial will answer your question: :slight_smile:

You just have to import your images (I always put several onto a 1024x1024 image) - in the ue4 you can put them into a flipbook animation which you can use in your character bp.

Thanks! That is JUST what I needed! Thanks a million. :smiley: :smiley: