Question about platform and destructable meshes

Hello, guys!

I am an artist and 3d designer that just started to create some level designs on Unreal, my work before was pretty much creating the models from 3ds max to export to Unreal. Now I decided to start learning more about Unreal.

I already prepare the environment of my level. I have some platforms that I managed to make them “float” with a matinee actor. But now, I want them to get destroyed after a character step on them after 5 seconds (time could change). First I tried by changing the properties of the Destructible Mesh, but I just feel this is not the way, I cannot control the time, I just can control the damage ratio, impact damage… I jump into the platform and explode immidiately after contact with the first person character.

I think I should do a simple blueprint with an actor… I did a blue print where basically you have the mesh of the platform, the Destructible Mesh DM I created before and a collision box. What I tried to do is: You have the normal platform mesh with a collision area on the top, when you overlap that collision area the platform mesh is replace by the Destructable Mesh… I think this should be the way. But I am not sure. AND IT IS NOT WORKING, dunno why…
Please no laugh everyone at the same time! LOL