Question about multiplayer for mobile and small player teams

So i am building a multiplayer game for mobile and now ia playing against bots fine.
my question is how to handle a match between 3vs3 or a max od 6 players per match like Brawl stars.Or even 1 vs 1.
that is because i have read and understand(i could be wring of course) in ue4 i must create a dedicated server. But that server will handle a 6 player game and what happens when a new player wants to play?i have to run a new dedicated on the server?so for 60 players playing different matches i have to run 10 server instances ?how it should be handled?
or following the brawl example, how ue4 should handle multiplayer matchs?

Normally, yes, you have a max number of players per server (set in GameMode, I think) and you run multiple servers for the number of players that you need.

Disclaimer: Im not that experienced.
But maybe you create a server which is dedicated to matching players together and tranfers them to to an applicable match. These matches could be marked as “joinable” and “not_joinable” and the lobby server which matches the server looks for an applicable match OR creates a new one and wait for players.