Question about Multiplayer Dedicated Server


I’m working on a multiplayer project to learn multiplayer with UE4.

If posible, i would love recommendations of plugins, resources or whatever you think it may be usefull for this.

What i want to do is something like travian, where you have:
*Your own city to build
*Exploration Mode in the world, where you can see other players walking around and see their cities on the map.
*Battles wich are basically math done over players data.

there’s no need for especial lobbys or anything like that, just one persistant world where actions can be triggered with players data and a login system.

I’m thinking on run a dedicated server to test things, probably with AWS free trial or using Hyper-V (discord recommendation)
For user login authentication and database i’m planning on use firebase (discord recommendation)

Any advice, change on tools or suggestion you can make?. i want to get the basic server setup done first to get that one out of the way and build on top of that.

Thanks a lot in advance.