Question About Metahuman Exporting

Hi! my name is Luan I want to ask you to to help me if it is possible, I have an school project and I will create a 3D Animation Using Metahumans I liked the Metahumans because it is the most realistic 3D Characters I´ve seen but I don’t have a Computer, I use my Cousin Computer That is Actually very good, but the Minimal Unreal Engine Version to Export the Metahumans with hair, clothes and textures full file is from the Unreal Engine version minimal 4.22 but this version of Unreal does not opens in my Cousin´s Computer. In the next week friday it is the final date to submit my Project and I already have those Characters,in Quixel Bridge but I don’t want to export from Maya because by doing it the 3D model won´t came with textures, hair, and clothes the only way to export the complete model with this features is natively by Unreal Engine I was wondering if you can please export to me the .uasset files from Unreal Engine 4.22 or Later I will share with you the .uasset file, or by accessing my Quixel Bridge Account : and all I need it is open and export it as FBX or for me or OBJ, can you do it for me please? It is because I have no Computer with these Capabilities near me that I can use.I am studying online and if it is possible to do it for me ?Many Thanks Sir/Miss, Best Regards, Luan Dal Orto Vaz.