Question about matinee and possible issue with 4.5.1

Hi, so I’m new to unreal (coming from some limited unity experience) and I’ve hit a giant issue with my game prototype that I don’t think can be fixed without the engine devs doing something. I’m using 4.4.3 at the moment, so you know. I want an object to rotate in place, 360 degrees, and I’m using matinee to do this as it has worked sufficiently for all other moving platforms I have thus far created. However, my issue is this: Once I exceed 90 degrees, the engine decides it doesn’t like this, and wants to rotate the object on the other two axis, then continue on the axis I want.
To explain further:
Frame 1 rotation:
x: 0 ; y: 0 ; z: 0
Frame 2 rotation:
x: 0 ; y : 45 z: 0
Frame 3 rotation:
x: 0 ; y: 90 ; z: 0
Frame 4 rotation:
x: 180 ; y: 45 ; z: 180

What I want:
Frame 4 rotation:
x: 0 ; y: 135 ; z: 0

(sometimes it gives me 179.9 instead of 180 or changes from positive to negative but the effect is the same)

As you might imagine, this causes a very dramatic issue as when it reaches this frame the entire model flips around to match the position it is told to move to, and I can’t get it to accept what angle I want. If anyone knows of a fix, or if there is no way to solve this, please let me know. I don’t know enough about blueprint to attempt to write script in that. I should note that this only seems to occur with the Y axis, as I tried the exact same rotation but along the Z axis and had no problem doing it.