Question about Marketplace copyright

I read that we, the community, will be able to create, share and sell content on the marketplace, be it models, textures, or code. I was wondering what is to stop others from stealing my work? I am a programmer, so I am interested in developing various game systems and sell them on the marketplace. Let’s say I create an inventory system and put it up for sale - what’s stopping others from buying it, changing a few variable/function names, claim it as their own and re-sell it on the marketplace? I’m not event going to ask about sharing paid content for free with the internet since there’s really no way to prevent that.

The marketplace isn’t ready for people to start selling content yet, so I would imagine that type of thing will be addressed once they are ready to open it up for submissions.

I would imagine that there would be an approval process so they could easily compare code to other systems available on the marketplace to check and see if people are using code from other assets.