Question about Level Streaming Volume (Audio Fade transition)

I want to give my Level Streaming Volume an Audio Fade effect.

When entering a Level Streaming Volume
→ Audio Fade In
When out of the Level Streaming Volume
→Audio Fade Out

I did a test like below.
Fortunately, the Fade In works, but the
Fade Out doesn’t work.

Please help me.

You could try using


to fade the sound.

I also tried event end play, but the
but it doesn’t fade, it just stops.

I think it’s because the level unloads, with the sound.

You might need to play the sound in something that’s not affected by streaming. Like the player, or game instance.

Yes. I was thinking the same thing.

Should I fade the character BP and not the level BP?

Well yes, that’s what I’m saying :slight_smile:

Level BPs are at least somewhat testable, but
I’m not sure how to apply BP to a Character or Game Instance.

Can you give me an example?

Thanks for the answer.

You can talk to the player from the level BP. When the level loads, you say

‘hey, play this music’

If the player is already player that music, no need to do anything. If the requested music is different, fade out what you’re playing and fade in the new music.

You can talk to the player either using custom events, or a blueprint interface.

Custom event