Question about importing

Hey, I’m new to all of this, as I only recently started it as a college course. When I import an asset from 3DSMax into unreal, it looks like this: You can see the wall that you’re directly looking at, but through the gaps in the wall, you should be able to see another wall with holes it, but you can’t. Could someone help me fix this please?
Also, how do I change the hitbox of an asset to allow the player to go into something through a gap?

(Sorry if this is in the wrong place)

Your normals on the model are incorrect / your model isn’t double-sided.

For the collision you need to make custom convex collision to allow for entrieways.

Look up the docs, FBX pipeline.
adding UCX and what counts as convex vs what isn’t is explained within that.

As far as learning i suggest you give the Learn tab/ online academy a go.
some of the courses are extremely helpful for both beginners and experts.
It is true that there isn’t one which covers mesh topology, normals, tangents etc. But that’s more on the 3d software and of things really…