Question about importing a model and it's materials

So, I’ve exported a model as an FBX from it’s original program and imported it into UE4.
The first time I imported it, I had “Import Materials” and “Import Textures” enabled.
The entire model imported fine, but his hair imported as a blank, white texture.

The second time I imported, I unchecked those options. I created a new material and imported his material and put it on there.
However, when I place the materials onto the character, they apply perfectly fine EXCEPT his hair, which just applies the entire the entire image of his texture instead of the portion of it with his hair.

My question is, can I fix this? Do I have to make multiple materials and hook them up differently? I can’t make multiple texture files of his because I didn’t make the model. It’s simply exported straight from World of Warcraft. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

The hair might has a dedicated material slot? If so you need to setup an additional material for the hair, maybe with a mask or opacity. A free program to create for instance textures with alpha is

From your second image it might require certain texture coordinate setup, which can be tricky, maybe someone else knows how to adjust textures. Or you UV Map the hair in Blender to avoid playing around with texture coordinates (basically proper scaling of the hair region to align with the hair mesh). UV mapping in Blender means to select all the hair faces and then UV map those as an extra material/texture.

Well I don’t use Blender.
The model has 16 element slots. If I drop the material into each slot, it all works fine except the hair. In the Material Editor, the opacity is grayed out. So you’re saying I have to try and separate the hair from the rest of the texture file? That seems unnecessarily pointless. I feel like this can be solved by just changing what nodes I plug into in the Material Editor.

Looks like you have a model ripped from World of Warcraft, you probably shouldn’t do that

At least it shouldn’t be too hard to re-model from scratch hehe!