Question about idle animations

I’m currently working on a harpoon mod and I’m done with everything except some fine-tuning and animation.

The blueprints are currently based on the crossbow and I’m also using the same skeleton.
Now when I look at the “WeapCrossbow” blueprint (on which my own blueprint is based on), I can see properties for most animations like fire, reload, equip etc.
When replace these with my own animation, they work like a charm.

However what’s missing are the idle animations.

“crossbow_FPV_AnimBlueprint” points to “FPVWeaponAnimBP_Base” and in that blueprint I can find the idle animations.


What I think is that the crossbow animation blueprint somehow replaces the idle animation of the base blueprint with the one of the crossbow. My question is: How does it do that?
When I look at crossbow_FPV_AnimBlueprint I see absolutely no way of replacing the animation: