Question About Human Characters

Hey guys!

I am learning your nice engine and thinking to upload my characters on your marketplace.
I have many humanoid and not humanoid characters I made over years:

Unfortunately accordingly to you Submission Guidelines I have no hope to sell my characters in your marketplace.

The reason, is the bones structure I am using with my characters is pretty different from yours and not only in names.
For example I am using 2 spine bones not 3 like your rig.

My humanoid character sometimes have more then 100 animations.
So to meet your requirements I need to do much work. Not only re-rig and re-skin my characters but also fix all animations included.
More then this, it means I will not be to use my animation collections include something like 1000 animations with this characters easily.
I dion’t think I am going to do this.

So only not humanoid characters left.

The questions are:

  1. Is here any way to keep my humanoid skeleton structure and still be able to sell them in your marketplace?
  2. If not can I setup my humanoid characters with UN4 using my rig structure, and of course to wrote about it in description, upload them into my store and promote them here?

Hope to the answer from UN$4 team.

Thank you!

Hi man,

you can sell your models with a non-standard rig on the marketplace (a few other sellers already do). The downside to this for potential customers is, that they cannot use the existing animations on the marketplace for your models then.

As a customer myself i would though ask you to at least include these:

  • Proper physics assets (in unity you can auto-create ragdolls, in ue4 you will have to do the bodies and constraints manually using PhAT)
  • Proper PBR setup
  • maybe (that would be cool) proper IK setup (so i.e. you can move the shield-hand of an enemy depending on where the player tries to hit him)


I’m really happy with my purchase of the Medieval Anim Mega Pack from the Unity Store, and it’s quite easy to retarget it on UE4 skels. I’d imagine it would be one of the popular assets in UE4 marketplace if you can make it available here too.

Thanks Indy.

Thank you!
I didn’t see many humanoid characters on UN market. Most of them are monsters.
I will be glad to sell here. Hope your are right and it is possible. I will start from not humanoid, lets see how it will going on. :slight_smile:

Thank you Ryner! You are very welcome.

I am leaning engine routine right now, hope at the end I will be able to prepare all my assets right. :slight_smile:

I submited my first character today.
It is Denonons Queen wich may be Alien creature indeed. :slight_smile:

I did prepeaed Physics Asset setup.
Hope I made all right and we will see it in market soon



Now go and submit those Ratkins, i need them :wink:

Thanks! I am glad to hear someone need them. :wink:
I will upload them to just after demons.
They are bit more complicated so I want to learn on simple characters first.