Question about how to determine if object is out of view of camera

Hello everyone, a buddy and I are working on a mobile game. I am fairly new to blueprints still. We are making a puzzle type game where there will be a constant rotation of nodes around a circle in which the user must touch them. My question is how can I figure out that the nodes are out of view of the camera? I need to make them disappear once they leave view of the camera so that when a full 360 rotation has gone by, any nodes that the player missed will be gone and a new set will be there. Thanks very much.

If the Nodes have a constant Speed you could just set their TimeToLive based on the distance they need to travel before they arent valid anymore.

Look up how to convert world position to viewport position. That will give you the coordinate of your object in a -1 to 1 range (Could be 0 to 1, don’t know off the top of my head). Then just check if it’s outside of the valid view (<-1 || >1 or <0 || >1 depending on which range is the correct one).