Question about freeware distribution (newcomer),


I have been using Unity3D and am considering moving to UE4 for the development of my next project. I’m not worried about paying 5% back of the revenue of the game. It seems to be a reasonable fee. However, I am wondering about how freeware works, and whether it is allowed? I sometimes produce freeware, and in some project in the past, I have had a donation button (although that is most for website services).

Also, can anyone tell me how UE4 games produced with the $19 a week engine are later distributed? Do they have some form of DRM platform, like EA or Steam?

Thank you in advance

You have to find your own way of distributing. For example steam. Also, it’s actually 19$ a month. Yes you can release free games, but not open source ones.

Thanks. That’s just perfect then. Thanks for the help.

Although it will mean learning C++ whereas I am trained in C#…

Check this out