Question about Fbx

Hello there

I’m currently trying to implement an Fbx object loader during runtime, and possibly (possibly because i still haven’t searched this part yet) load it and save it as uasset so that if the user has loaded it once, even if he closes the program, he doesn’t have to parse it again (cause i’m assuming it will cost some time during runtime depending on the object). While gathering some data I understood that I am not allowed to use library of Unreal under the folders of “Editor” and “Developer”. So I started thinking that maybe the best option is to do the Fbx importer myself, but the thing i’m confused is, should I use the fbxsdk autodesk provides and from there make and importer that will give me something I can use to place the object in scene? or will i need some other method cause of the EULA?

I got really confused with all the EULA rights and stuff, since the objective is to allow the user/player to load their own objects, so i know this doesn’t go for Licensees only x-x

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, though i would apreciate a reply on the matter >_<

Also sorry if i placed this thread in the wrong subforum topic, wasn’t really sure where to place it x-x

Thank you,