Question about EQS and Cover based AI combat

I have been building an FPS and am currently in the middle of building the NPC behaviors. I initially opted to not use EQS because I don’t know too much about it and it is still in an experimental phase according to the documentation.

I currently have the behavior trees set up and working and built cover assets with volumes and a cover interface to tell the NPC what cover type it is (crouch/standing) and Left or Right to play different montages for each. Then I am running an attack service. This all ‘works’ but now that I am looking into adding more complex functionality like detecting if the cover has been taken/ if another NPC is already approaching it or after a set time or based on players location- move to another cover…etc. etc. I am starting to think this might not be the best method.

My question is…can EQS do what I am trying to do? Is it possible to detect or set only specific points as valid cover options? Is there a way to assign or detect high and low cover?

Are there any resources specifically for EQS other than the unreal documentation and the training video Epic put out? It has been hard to find anything more on Youtube or reddit than just the bare basics on EQS.