Question about Epic Royalty when you sell the full game.

I have read the Epic Royalty guideline, but i have this situation.*hypothetic

I make a game with UE.
I sell this game to a publisher. He owns the full game. For that I charge 5000 usd and never the publisher can make anything with the game.
The publisher resell the game/ use it with ads and in app purchase(mobile)
The publisher earns 10.000 by month with the game and goes on.

the question is, Do the publisher/owner of the game has to pay the 5% royalty to Epic?
Do i have to?

If you make a game for a publisher and the publisher starts selling it or using it to make money then the publisher (not you) would have to pay royalties. You would essentially be like a contractor for the publisher and would not have to pay anything to develop a game using the engine.

If i make a mobile game and then i say “who is interested on buying it?” then company wants to buy it I have to tell to that company “hey you know… If you get a lot money because of ads and in app purchases…you have to pay to epic”?

Because i believe that this scenario would moves me away of finding publishers interested in buying funding my game

Yes, that is what would have to happen, it’s only 5% though, which is very low–if you release a game on any platform (mobile/steam/console) you have to pay some kind of percentage anyway to those platforms.

5% on anything over $3,000
you sell for 5k, you owe 5% of 2k. 100$ is what you owe.
on 10k, it would be less 3k, so, total would be 7k for the 5% = $350

Lets say you made 1 million, you owe 35k lol … pennies on the $ sir, pennies. It doesnt matter how the money is generated, if its money on the books from X product, its 5% owed.