Question about draw calls and batching

Lets say I have 2 different walls… and 2 different pilars… all on the same texture map… 4 seperate models using the same texture just different parts of it like an atlas. How would i get those 4 to batch together into the same draw call? Also is there any documentation on this?

One individual texture is one draw call in you scene. If you are using one main Material for all your meshes “walls, pilars”, simply create a instance of your main material and apply it to your meshes.
For the meshes them self, the only way to show them as one draw call is to attach them togehter.

Is there a way to do that in engine?

Also it seems like there are other ways of doing it.

Another post of mine where im discussing the same topic. I am hearing things like InstancedStaticMeshComponent or HierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent being mentioned but i have no idea how to use these.