question about copy ue4 from one computer folder to another computer folder?

Hello, aster the crash of my computer i was working on ue4 on an old computer, i have installed the ue4 4.17 there.

i bought a new pc and i have installed the ue4 4.18 there, i switched my project from 4.17 to 4.18, but when i tried to open it, i received a warning message that my projects need the mixamo retargeting plugin (i know that, i bought it from marketplace), i checked in the marketplace and the mixamo retargeting plugin is still in ue4 4.17.

i want to spare some download time (i’m on a slow internet connection), if i start to download the ue4 4.17 on my new computer, paused it, exit the ue4 launcher and copy my old 4.17 engine folder from my old computer to the new one, the engine will work as it supossed to do?

thanks in advance for the help.