Question about auto computed LOD distances.


I have problem with LOD popping in a VR project where is very noticeable.

Ive created the LODs with Auto Compute LOD Distances ticked on.
by default the distances are computed incorrectly so there is a lot of LOD popping.

there are settings for Silhouette Texture and Shading that can be set from lowest to highest.
when i set these settings to lowest or highest, it doesnt change the autocomputed LOD screen size.

In simplygon it worked that when i set everything on highest, the screen size changed and eliminated all of the LOD popping.
very fast and consistent.

but these settings doesnt seem to do anything in default unreal LOD generation system.
maybe im doing something wrong.

Im using unreal branch with VR works from github but i have some problems with simplygon integration so i hope this problem is solvable with unreal engine built in LODs.