Quesiton about networking. Coming from unity3d

Hey guys,

I had a few questions regarding the networking in UE4.

is the built in UE4 p2p? if so does it require port forwarding for players to connect?

So… in unity i was able to set up a matchmaking lobby and such using the 3rd party service photon cloud. is there a need for 3rd party networking in UE as well? Also is there photon in UE?

If my final goal would be to make a game that sort of action based… like chivalry or even something close to a fighting game… what sort of networking would I need to support something incredibly lag sensitive?


Hi HKSpadez.

Yes, Photon is available for UE4:

would photon yield better performance than the built in UE4 networking?

@HKSpadez- Check Trello under the networking tab, see which ones could influence (if any) your choice, and well, inquire Epic on when they expect to have them implemented. Or actually, you can ask them the Photon question directly, they are probably more qualified than anyone else to answer it. Its worth the shot

Our title relies heavily on networking, we haven’t run into any problems with UE4’s builtin networking. We were initially Unity developers as well.

It’s really easy to get networking happening as well. There’s a few blueprint tutorials that Epic released, you should look at them and decide if it’s the choice you want.