Queries related to publishing a Student Project


I am a college student doing a final year project based around the subject of the virtualization of archaeology (will avoid further unnecessary details) which involves creating a prove of concept which I had no intention of making available to the public.

I was planning of course of using unreal engine 4 to create my prove of concept but the lecturer now request that I get whatever I make made available for a free download on a opensource archaeology site owned by my local city council as a executable (.exe). I have been made aware that I will have to sign a form for publishing free games but I would like to know would what I have described be even aloud since the website is owned by the local government and is not a game publisher?

I am not very well versed on the legal matters surrounding unreal and would appreciate any help and advice on this matter as I will have to use an engine I have no experience in for my project as my other option.

You’re able to host your .exe game/project file wherever you like under the EULA.