Quantum Human and UE4 ?

Greetings everyone. My thread is adressed to Epic devs mainly. In fact Mr Chance Ivey told me to make a thread about it so devs will look into it. There is an awesome Plugin for Maya called Quantum Human: which let’s you inject topology and get automatic human modelling and rigging from arbitrary mesh. It is possible to import resulting characters into gaming engines like UE4. The problem is how far it it is compatible with UE4 animations system, how flexible it is if it is used with real-time morphing characters i.e Samaritan Owen etc…?

I asked Chance to ask the Animation staff about it in today’s twitch stream and they answered that they never tried it with UE4 so he told me to make a thread about it hoping that the devs will answer us when they get their hands on it and try it.



PS so cool plugin and epic don’t say anything about it

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with UE4. All its effectively doing is creating a skinned rig - which goes into Unreal just fine. The only thing it does differently to a lot of other tools is the extra levels of rig complexity intended for VFX purposes, and the fact that it completely retopologises the input mesh.

I have a reason to learn Maya now :smiley:

You can certainly use it. Though a few features won’t have any use in UE4, like muscles.

Indeed, which would be such a game changer for gaming. I can’t see why it would at least be a good reference for muscle morph targets though.

I saw my friend post this plugin yesterday. Would defintiely love it, especially how it retops the model before skinning and rigging.

This is amazing; But is it even out yet? 0.0

Some time this year. :slight_smile:

It looks amazing but looks like something that you’d have to re-mortgage your house to afford :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see…

Auto-retopo is pretty darn good, hopefully you’ll have control on the LOD of the mesh itself, it would be very handy to have it, but doable inside Maya with some scripting ( huge pain however… )

The rigging/muscle system is usefull inside Maya, not really into UE4 because it doesn’t support this kind of things, so you’ll have to create some kind of proxy bones in order to have the same effect on an exported rig…kinda like The Last of Us making of by Naughty Dog, very interesting stuff on YuoTube :wink:

The “mocap ready” function is also usefull, but not impossible to create…I mean, it took me 15 minutes to create a script for mocap retargeting in Maya, and I have no idea how to script this kind of things, I just copy/save a mel script by getting the contraint data from the script editor :stuck_out_tongue:

In general I find it very usefull inside Maya, especially for prototyping and also in production, but for game development, unless there are specific functions, I find it to be a very ( probably ) expensive auto-retopo plugin…

We’ll see when it will be released :slight_smile:


UE4 supports generally skinned mesh with bone animation including non-uniform scale as well as blendshapes. That’s as far as it goes so far. As Nicolas3D mentioned, there is no muscle system or riging internally, so you can’t change topology run-time or anything like that. If it’s fixed, it should work during run-time all fine.