Quality Settings for Destructible Meshes?

Is there any way that I can have quality settings for my destructible meshes? I am making a game that uses them. You go around and destroy houses. I want to have an options menu where if you click on lower settings, then the houses have fewer fracture cells. I was testing the game on an old computer and it barely runs, and it lags a lot when destroying houses.

So I want to be able to have a low debris option, a medium debris option, and a lot a debris option. Then in the game, the houses react accordingly. Is there any way I can do that?

It would help a lot. Thanks for any feedback.

I would do this the hard way, make 3 shattered objects that I would swap in via blueprints that check which setting is on. This will cause other problems, like light baking, but if you need this… thats the way I’d go. I don’t know of any quality setting since you shatter the objects and save the results, its not dynamically shattered.