Q: using UE to model spaces between objects

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the feasibility of an idea. I’m a researcher studying lizards that live in piles of rocks. I’m trying to think of ways to characterise the gaps in between the rocks to understand what is a good place for a lizard to live. I was thinking that maybe using UE might be a good idea, because it has real world physics, I could model the rocks and easily control the size/shape, and replicate multiple piles easily trying different component rocks.

I would need some way to characterise the space in between the rocks, though (the equivalent of injecting gap-filling foam into a pile of rocks and then having the foam as an object?). I also would need a way to get that object into a form or a programme that I can analyse for shape/size/complexity etc.

Does anyone have any idea if this could work in UE, or an I barking up the wrong tree?