Q: Is there an easy way to make Shadows & Reflections become Additive?

Hello! This is my first post so I don’t expect to know all the rules to post on this forum but I do believe I need help here. So I have been trying to recreate this material from a photo I found and it looks like the material itself is basically just emission but it still has reflections as well as shadows. I will make sure to post the same photo here but the material does not use normal reflections or shadowing but rather the shadows and reflections kind of just add to the base color/emission color. I was wondering if anyone from here might know how I might be able to accomplish this inside c++ or the material editor? I will be transferring this over to c++ anyway so anything from the material editor will be just fine for me.

I tried asking on StackOverflow but no one seemed to know much about materials, especially not something like this, so I don’t expect a whole lot of replies but any information or people I should contact is appreciated!