Q*Bert style single block movement

Hi, I’m pretty new here and I just have a question regarding making movement controls for a Q*Bert style game I am currently making.
I have a character start on the top of a pyramid of blocks and the player can move diagonally to the boxes below them and move back up if they wish.
There is to be no movement from side to side, only diagonally.

I started a blueprint for this to move from the top block to the block to the bottom left of the top block. This seemed to work just fine, but when I copied the block of blueprints that did the diagonal movement for the bottom right side and just changed the input keys, the player is able to move up and down, but it also moves side to side. I’ve also tried adding one more block under the second block, and when I press the num1 key to move diagonally, it just moves me to the furthest down block, so it won’t let me move from block to block like in q*bert. I’m pretty confused as to where I’m going wrong here, so any input would be greatly appreciated.Untitled.png