[Puzzle] Follow the path - is there a solution to not use checkpoints ?

Hello guys,

We’re actually trying to make some little puzzle here and there for a game project and I wanted to try one I had in mind.
Funny enough, World of Warcraft has got the same for weeks/months.

In short, I want the player to have to follow a line on the floor and match a shape on the ground.
Here is a video of what I’m looking for :

I’m able to make something similar but only with checkpoints and not in a precise ordre. So you can run freely and do not respect any order and it will works either.

What I’ve got now is just a bunch of trigger box on the ground, when the player step on it a boolean is checked and once they all are checked, a door open. Is this a good way to do it or am I doing it wrong ?
Plus, how could I set up an order to the player to follow, otherwise the puzzle would reset ?