Putting fbx files from sketchup into scene w/ texture AND question and positoin help

Hello, I think as some people have seen, I am also a unity user, and decided to buy UE4 to try it out. I was having trouble getting them in with texture. I found an easy way! After exporting the fbx, just find the fbx where you exported it to, and select the model and the textures and just drag them all into a folder in the Content browser. Thats it!! So easy!
BUT I have a question. for some reason, on the right side on the tabs where you normally find Transform(location, rotation, scale), Input, Rendering etc. , it disappears and I can’t seem to get it back.

So in a nutshell my question is this. If the transform section that shows location, rotation, and scale, how do I get it to show up again on the right side. I have tried pressing every feature in the menu but it still won’t show up. It shows up when I click on the sky, but when I click on objects it just disappears. If anyone could help I would be much grateful. Also, is there any way to make the gizmo closer to the object? My gizmo for a gun a downloaded is extremely far away so it makes positioning impossibly hard. Thanks!!nicemodel.PNG (beautiful model from sketchup!!!)