Push verse changes is unreliable

We are finding that we now have to push the entire project in order to test the game, even for only verse changes, as pusing verse alone is unreliable.

This is crippling us, especially with regards to diagnostics.

Please help.

Thank you for your report! Can you please re-post using the “New Issue” option on the Issues and Bug Reporting forums? Posts with this feature are connected directly into our development team so we can quickly get to them!

For more information, such as how to get the reference ID, please check out the article here: https://create.fortnite.com/news/using-the-creative-and-uefn-bug-reporting-form

Thanks for the info, I have now done so.

What type of issues are you getting? I’m interested since the push verse changes was totally broken in our project between last week until tue-wed update, what happened for me is that if I pushed verse change button, I’d have to reload the editor because even if I clicked the push changes button it would stop at “checking if project can be uploaded”. Now its been back working for me again since the last hotfix a few days ago. I’m still interested in just getting specifics.

It’s not working for us, but I think it might be connected with the annoying issue that some objects modify themselves when the game is run, thus when trying to push verse changes again, we get a save dialog… I suspect that it’s not happy about verse only changes when there are also changes to the data… oh that gives me an idea…

Correction, current behaviour is that the “save stuff” dialog appears when you try to compile verse.

This was working fine for me a few days ago and now I’m back to having to restart editor after every update to verse. The push verse changes always throws an error. It’s painful.