Publish the game to "EPIC Store"

Can I not fill in the company name? Because I have no company…

Since you will make a profit you will need to pay taxes, in some countries also require registration of business activity (which technically is company) under specific name. So you should use name that you resolve taxes with, even if this is your real name.

But before that you should really check your local laws before selling anything because there practically no country that does not regulate businesses (not only in aspect of taxes), if you don’t do what your laws require you to legally make money you might get in to serious trouble, in some countries it’s even risk of prison.

If you just registering product to play with Epic Online Services without publishing it then think of some name you will use in future, but watch out for now it impossible to change company name once you do that (or else you contact Epic)

Do you mean that I can fill in one at random, and the game does not charge any fees, and there is no need to pay taxes, if I need to change later, I need to contact epic or register the company with this name?