Public domain question.

If i take image from wiki and alter it (like making it blur, gaussian, etc)

can i sell it ? (example : i take mona lisa image then i alter it).

usually i take image from renisans.

Is the wiki image in the public domain? All photographs are, by default, copyrighted (copywrit?) to the photographer, unless otherwise stated. Just because it is on Wikipedia, and the person who posted it said that it’s theirs and okay to take, doesn’t guarantee that it is true.

Whenever you get pictures of any kind, it must be explicithed in the place that you pic them, which they are for public domain or that may be used for commercial purposes. Once you get a picture in this case, you can modify and resell the modified version, but you must privide the marketplace team with the specific location where you get the picture, the original format (without changes), your modified version with the source file (like, .psd if in photoshop), and with this information they will verify the location and approve your submission if they dont find any similar picture around that conficts with the claim from the site you got your image.

It is complicated and simple like this.

PS: the Monalisa is public domain as an iconic figure, so you can take a photo from it and do whatever you want, but you can’t pick someone’s else photo and do whatever you want unless you have authorization from the author or he is consenting with written authorization in a website (which you need to make a document and register in a note’s office that at some date that content was like giving that specific message).