PSA: you can modify the source of launcher UE4 engine plugins

Being blocked by a stupid bug in one of the OnlineSubsystem plugins, want to hack Niagara, or mod Paper2D but don’t feel ready to leap into using the GitHub source yet? Turns out you can! Just copy the plugin(s) you want to mess with into your C++ project’s Plugins folder, delete the binaries and intermediate folders, rename the plugin to something else (to make it easier to enable it and disable the built-in one), and you can build your project.

– EDIT –
One thing, for your copy of the plugin to be recognized, you need to edit its .uplugin file and change the line this:

"Installed": true,


"Installed": false,
"EnabledByDefault" : true,

This is why I tell everyone to have Visual Studio installed :slight_smile: