PS4 and Xbox strong enough for VR?

I want to make VR games for both the PS4 and Xbox but I am curious if the hardware within these systems will be able to support VR games made with the unreal engine.

Does anyone know if these systems will be able to run games at 75 fps and if so will these games need to be low quality>?

Xbox One can’t even run above 1080p, let alone at 1080p above 60 fps, though I don’t know much about VR and the requirements.

Xbox doesn’t support VR, Playstation has Morpheus, though you’ll have to manage the graphical quality more to get things performing well. You won’t get the best VR experience though, since you’d want something like a 2k screen and more than 60fps for a better experience.

Apparently the oculus rift consumer version will support streaming from the xbox to the HMD

That’s not the same thing, it just takes the video from the Xbox and uses it in an Oculus program where it displays the video on a virtual movie theater screen, so you have VR for the theater but not in-game with Xbox games.