Provision Not Found, Signing Key Not Found (no paid developer account)

I have a question. It seems that a lot of people have found success using the workaround posted here:-Cannot package for App Store due to mobileprovision lookup failure - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

This is essentially recoding the IphonePackager.exe so it forces it to use only the distribution provision + certificate.

The problem is I only have the basic development account (the free one that doesn’t let you distribute) purely for testing purposes. Because of this I can only access a provision for development.

Could I use this same method for my situation by changing some of the code so it only uses a development provision?

I’ve tried quite a few situations already, deleting old provisions, importing back in, trying the iphonepackager.exe posted. But I’m still getting the “Provision not found” “Signing Key not found” when I try to deploy to my iPhone.

Anybody else in the same situation that has managed to make it work?