Prototyping in a different engine?

Hey there, I’ve hit kind of a snag in my current project, where I need funding, but I need a proper prototype before getting it, and I need a bit of funding to get a proper prototype. I had an idea that may remedy this, but I’m not so sure if it’s really a good one.

I was considering making the prototype in game maker. The mechanics would all work the same, but would be in a 2d format instead of a 3d one. I think I’ve heard of some games doing this, but I’m not sure if the gameplay would translate correctly from 2d to 3d. If anybody has an opinion on this, I’d love to hear it.

If your plan is to fund through then I think it would be bad to build a 2D prototype, since that would be significantly different than what you would plan to develop for the actual game.
If you’ve got some investors and they just need to see what the game would be like, then that’s probably fine.

Yeah I’m really not trying to go down the crowd funding road to failure here lol. I mean, it works out for some people and that’s great and all, but it really seems like an unreliable source of funding. Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile: