Proposed Idea: InEditor Replay/Timeline Capture System

Hey Dev’s I’m a designer / content creator and I’ve recently had an idea I’d like to share. There’s a big community of UE4 level creators, tutorial creators, etc that I feel would benefit from this type of system.

The idea is a free camera replay style system that captures in editor level design.

Inspired by “Demo Player with VR Spectate”, this system would focus instead on in-editor “replays” storing a timeline of transforms, objects placements and modifications. Once a dev is happy with their scene, they can scrub through the timeline to watch the level being built up.

Even if it’s not possible to go back and edit from points in the timeline, it would be great if cinematic cameras could be placed in the scene to render footage of the levels progression. Most dev’s just screen cap as they go along and it’s not very flexible since you can’t position cameras in ideal spots ahead of time.

I hope someone considers this idea, like I said their’s a relatively large community of UE4 dev’s producing level creation videos. I’m pretty sure this would sell in the marketplace too.