Proposal to a plan to make Linux a desirable Gaming and Desktop platform

Hi, first I will introduce myself a little. My name is Andrés and I am from Argentina. I am a 38 years old guy and I was a Linux advanced user from 2001 to today. I was too a programmer from 1995 (my first programming experience was with a Programmable Casio Calculator).

Passing the years I got very interested about video games. Now I am interested in developing high quality video games for Linux.

My actual surprise is the lack of a practical (from the technical point of view) Desktop Environment under Linux. What I mean is the lack of something that works directly over hardware and simple as an implementation taking advantage of the power of a computer for doing visual handling.

I saw the almost sucess of Steam OS. But not a real sucess!
From the point of view of business, Steam OS was on the edge of a failure.

Now, I want to create (and next begin to develop) a new idea for Linux to get smooth multimedia and gaming experience. Something like Wayland but targeted for smoothness and speed.

I comes here searching for developers and people interested in this idea. We need to plan it, develop it, test it, and of course, enjoy it!

So I am searching for help to make a plan to develop a Linux practical and fastest desktop environment where you can get full power of your computer for multimedia applications like games (but too for video editors, CAD software, 3D modeling suites, music composition, and so).

Thank you for your time and I hope we can do it!