[PROPOSAL] Atlas baking tool ?

Here is a situation - a level contains 50 tiling textures. While for PC it’s no biggie, for mobile VR it’s a performance killer, because it would result in too many draw calls.

The solutions would be bake all these tiling textures into an atlas, have one single material and such setup that would allow each of the surfaces to use same material, same texture atlas with specific offset for each texture and still allowing it to be tiled across the surface.

I am sure it would be possible to set it all up manually, but imagine having to deal with more than 50 textures? What if several atlases should be bakes? It’s a massive headache.

Is it feasible to make a tool for UE4 (a plugin?) that would do all the dirty work for you? (so you’d bring in your static meshes, build level, select meshes, run the tool and get all that sorted out automatically)