Proper way to share my code in order to get Feedbacks

I’ve created a small template that I want to turn into a game prototype, it includes a basic mage casting system in C++ and blueprints…
I want to share the project with the community in order to have some feedbacks.
Something like best coding practices, correct use of C++ features, etc… in order to improve myself and see how far I am from being a “professional” ue4 developer.

The optimal way would be to create a Github project and share it in this forum
but it seems that I cannot do that cause of licence (I could only share my custom scripts and not an entire working project)
but that would make it hard for other people to see it working.

Do you have any advice? what’s the best way to get a senior ue4 developer to look into my project and get some feedbacks?


It is unlikely that a senior that doesn’t know you would review an entire project so perhaps just make a private repository and give a friend or acquaintance access so they can look at it or select pieces of it to publish for feedback.

What license issue are you referring to? If you mean from an Epic/UE4 point of view, there’s no problem with uploading a project to Github.

1 year ago I started the project and the plan was to using a public repository, but people told me that I couldn’t do that cause I would also share the engine code which is protected “by a license”. So as far as I know you can’t create an open source project in ue4, therefore I’m looking for a way to share my code or part of it to get some feedbacks.

It would also be necessary in order to get more people on board, if I could share the project and see who’s interested it would be easier to get started

This is just plain wrong. It’s correct that you can’t put the engine code itself in a repository (unless it’s a repository forked from Epic’s), but hosting a project doesn’t mean you’re sharing engine code - you’re simply sharing your own code, that happens to be written for building in the context of UE4. Completely fine.

NOTE: I’m assuming here that your project doesn’t involve a custom engine modification - if it did, you would simply fork Epic’s engine repository instead.

if I build my uproject I can see a solution with 2 project, one of which is the engine with full source code, but now that I think about it I don’t have any part of the engine in my source control.

So what about if I create a community project (with a proper post in this forum) and share the .uproject and Config, Content, Source folders. Do you see any problem with that?

Now let’s say that I use some of the starting content, or some marketplace content available for free in the marketplace, can that be a violation of the license?

Yep that’s fine. Create your git repository rooted in the folder containing the uproject file. Configure the .gitignore to ignore /Binaries, /Intermediate, /Saved.

Starter content and free marketplace assets probably shouldn’t be included, but you can just add paths to gitignore for those too, and then people can import them themselves.

a last thing if I may, as far as I know a github project can only be up to 1GB in total, I kind of remember a .bat file on the unreal github project that downloaded the remaining file. How would you handle an open source project if it’s 100% sure that it’s gonna be several gb in size?

Yeah git is mostly intended just for code. There is git LFS, but I haven’t used it and I don’t think there is a free version.
I’m not the person to ask as I generally just work on plugins so haven’t had to host anything large myself.