Proper support for High DPI screens


Is there any hope that UE4 will support High DPI screen in the near future?

Using a 28" 4k monitor either makes everything small or everything blurry.

It works OK, but far from perfect. I have sharp readable Blueprints where I can see tons of info, just as I wanted. But at the same time, my icons and menus are tiny tiny tiny. I can change some Windows settings, so my icons get bigger… but things go blurry, and I lose the goodness that I had when editing Blueprints.

Keep on trucking, UE4 is great, make it greater :slight_smile:

I finally had the time to start digging into UE4 tonight… on my shiny new Samsung 28" 4K monitor. I am also seeing the two big issues where the “widget” setting would work, but my mouse clicks are offset, making it unusable. With no proper scaling, I can barely read the text. It’s quite painful. Any word on when this will be fixed? It’s not a total deal breaker, as I do want to start spending serious time with the editor, but it’s a huge pain on my eyes.


  • Sean