Proper external BlueprintDiffTool

Right now it seems, that there is no option to run the BlueprintDiffTool from Commandline. This inherits several issues:

  • It is not possible to register it as a Mergetool for calling it during a running Merge
  • Git LFS seems to make it useless. It seems the Mergetool has only access to the linkfiles as you can only select revisions but not actual files.

The Idea:
By providing a commandlinetool with parameter support like
Tool.exe <left> <right> <base> <merge>

  • It is possible to register it as Mergetool
  • Git LFS Smudgefilter is executed before calling the Mergetool, making it possible to access the correct files.

PS: I found older Answerhub-Posts hinting that this was possible once calling UE4Editor.exe with those parameters. But as it seems, this is not possible anymore?

I’d like to sincerely apologize for the previous version of my Post. I made the mistake to create it will under frustration and ended up providing a more subjective/offensive than helpfull post. I have reworded my post to focus on the actual featurerequest, problems and solutions and removed subjective parts.

I’d like it more to not have such a thing in the first place and instead serialize all assets as text that can be merged using normal tools.