Proper BP Flow / Accessing Child-Parent objects.

On thing that I’m trying to under stand is the flow of information for all these different level of blueprints. Some things work both ways and some don’t.

For instance animation notify. They are implemented in the animation blue print but I can’t get access to the character that’s housing information like location/HP/ETC.

From the docs it looks like the Heirchey is:


But shouldn’t a BP Graphic know the pawn that executing it? IE: I have a Animation Notify for triggering damage calculations. This notify is implemented in the Animation Graph. But I know that I can gen the player actor from the global get and then get access to its character data with a cast. But what is my monster is the person sending the notify. I can’t get the monsters actor. Do i have to set a owner handle inside the animation instance from the on begin play of the character? This is something that I just thought about when writing this but isn’t this something that’s build in already?

Is there any other sources to help understand the over all hierarchy better?

Maybe I’m doing this wrong…

I think notify probably wasn’t meant to do anything related to gameplay-wise thing( I could be wrong, Epic guys will have a proper answer ), from the crash course, it seems to try controlling some events or side effects for your animation like start particle effects at certain frame.

I wish I can explain it simply for the hierarchy, but here is Epic’s diagram(scroll to the bottom):